Freevalve technology


This past week I saw the new video of the cam-less technology called Freevalve. Its design by a sub company of Koenigsegg, the supercar maker. There are efforts to make the automotive industry cleaner and efficient by creating other types of technologies but theirs nothing like the sound of a gas engine, so why not make it better? The Freevalve promise a better gas mileage,performance and efficiency by eliminating the camshaft with air actuators to control the valve giving you more precision and range on the performance of the valve!


Koenigsegg still dont have plans to put this technology on a supercar yet but they are still working on it so not in a distant future we could see the Freevalve on cars. Maybe the camshaft will be something of the past like the carburetor!! wink LOL



What do you think of this technology? Have better ideas to change the world? Forget about it and let the BRAP BRAP live? let me know in the comments!





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  1. Hey Dennis 🙂
    Very interesting post 🙂 Thanks for sharing…very informative!


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