Mustang crash o’ rama

There is a epidemic of mustang crashes these days!! we all had seen the videos on youtube or any social media.  Its been hard to be a mustang owner these days!


The memes have been insane and very funny. People have made the mustang a joke in the car scene. Im pretty sure  that this hilarous trend of memes will go away, but in the meantime I will enjoy the creativity and sense of humor that people create on these memes .LOL



Now, its not something to get butthurted. Im pretty sure that the mustang is not going to be victim for a longtime of this kind of jokes. Maybe will be the 240sx or kids on Civics, you never know what will be next. Even though that we dont want anyone to get hurt or  wreck our precious drive, we have to be careful what to do on the streets. If you act stupid on your ride I will see you on a Youtube video or on the next trend of memes.

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