The Lucky Fernando Alonso

On the season opening race on Formula 1, there was one of the craziest accident on the sport. Last Sunday on the grand prix of Australia, Fernando Alonso was trying to overtake Esteban Gutierrez on turn 3 when Alonso right front wheel got locked with Gutierrez left rear wheel. Both cars were spin out of the track both Alonso got the worst part.


On this video we see the severity of the crash that was at 180mph speeds! It said the Alonso experienced a 46g force during the crash. I bet with the evidence of this crash, the implementation of the halo device will be stronger than before to keep Formula drivers safer. The Halo consist in a extra protection bar or shield that would protect the exposed head of the driver. Thank god that Alonso its okay and even though that crashes are part of the sport its good to see the effort to make the sport safer.

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