The 5 best GTR named cars

Yes, my favorite car its a R34 GTR and I got GTR on my nickname. But the GTR name its mostly a holomogation name given to race cars version of a road car because the requirement on most racing associations. GTR means Grand Touring Racing in case you did not know, and yes its like the name of the game “Gran turismo”. This list is my opinion of the best car with GTR on its name.

1.The R32 GTR- This car right here its the reason its the reason its called “godzilla”R32_Calsonic_Skyline_001


2. The BMW M3 GTR- This GTR had a short career in racing because rules and regulations problems because it was the first m3 with v8.



3. The Mercedes Benz CLK GTR-This was MB car to beat Ferrari and Porsche in the FIA GT championship



4. The Ultima GTR- This car is a kit car that you order but its really a monster!

ultima-gtr_100505171_l (1) hd.jpg


5. The Mazda Familia GTR- This turbo hatchback it was use for rally racing



This are my fav. five !! Got any cars to mention put it on the comments!


pics taken from internet

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