Top 5 worst car mods on ebay

Today I was looking for some parts for my truck on eBay and there some products that let me wonder if people really buy it. Some products were just awful and funny but here is my top 5 that i seen people buy it before and I know that you seen it too.

  1. The famous supercharger on intake

intake supercharger “This one SUCKS and not in a good way”

Apparently it ha an electric motor that force pressurize air into the engine. Theres been a lot of videos showing that this product dont give you the perfomance advertised. If you see a regular turbocharger or supercharger you’ll notice the process of pressurizing air.


2. The performance chip

performance chip “I wonder if they use it on F1?”

Most of the time this kind of products its a couple of resistors in a simple circuit that you connect to the MAP or MAF sensor to trick the ECU into put more or less gas. Enough to say that is dangerous to the vehicles.


3.The calipers covers

caliper covers “Brembo’s for bimbos”

Theres not performance at all with this product it just cosmetic. If you see a Kia soul with Brembo brakes it would probably be this ones right here. So if you buy this please don’t go any faster!


4. The ricer bodykit

bodykit honda civic“If you bodykit cost $200 with                                                                                                         free shipping, yooouuuu might be a ricer”

I get it, we all were ricers for Need for Speed 2, but we have to keep with the trends at least the good ones. Today the cleanest or meanest the better, function over form will always look good.


5. A glass wing??

glass spoiler “Say bye to carbon fiber”

I must be honest, I haven’t see one in the streets yet or on SEMA but I think you see the point on this one. I mean, really?



Hope you had enjoy it  and if you seen a worst product let me know and I do a remix version of the post LOL.


All pics are from their respective owners

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  1. Pahahaha, so true. We modify cars and see so many crazy things.

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    1. dromangtr says:

      😂especially things that doesn’t make sense!!


      1. Yes, lol. I showed this to hubs, he agrees. Him and our 2 older boys do various car mods. e currently have 3 project cars.

        Liked by 1 person

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