Driverless cars are worth the try?


Since the last accident on the driver-less car of Goggle I been wandering if its really worth the technology. Its not the first crash either, but this time the driver-less vehicle was at fault. The report says the crash took place on February 14 in Mountain View, California, between Google’s self-driving Lexus RX450h and a public transit bus and there were no injuries.

Im a car guy, I love to drive my car shifting gears through the melody of my exhaust or to the tunes of the radio. I get that a lot of people ant like me and we live on a busy lives these days. People are working two jobs and studying full time and any time that could take for ourselves is valuable. With these technology people could use the time for driving to take naps between commutes or plan ahead for the day waiting in a traffic jam. The technology is amazing no doubt about that, and like every technology breakthrough it opens the door for new possibilities and new markets.  So for that Im eager to see how this play out and me as a mechanic how will affect my industry.

As a mechanic I learned that TECHNOLOGY FAILS!!! Everything mechanical or electronic will fail at some point. Even though the rate of the failure will be also at fault of the operator it will get vulnerable at some point. When I was in the military I went to the place that trained pilots and saw some footage of early projects of driver-less vehicles that they had, believe me it didn’t work, that why we have drones now. Because there something that we have that still haven’t develop a software or hardware to surpass it and that is JUDGEMENT.Have you seen the movie I Robot?? LOL

I love technology there no doubt on that but I always see a piece of technology as a tool not a replacement of something. Its something that makes you more efficient or it will replace you. The good thing is you have control of what you accept or not, and just because its new doesn’t mean its better. No matter what year it is will still have carburated cars on the streets, people sending mail, probably somebody right now is calling from his house phone! you still have one?? A thing is for sure is I will still be driving!

pics not mine,from internet

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