Is the muscle car dying or its just for the old?

This weekend I went to car show on new smyrna beach and it was nice. Best muscle car show I been so far, but I only saw like two people of my age. Im 28 but Im guessing that the average age was like 50!! I know that muscle car ain’t cheap. Even the rat rod cars pull some money of the pocket, but the muscle car culture needs more support from the youth. Even though im into import because its what I normally do, Im hoping to restore one of those classic cars. The muscle car culture is rich on history and I love that!! Im going to keep going to those shows and see those beautiful car but i hope to see more young people so it doesn’t banish the love to the muscle💪!


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  1. So, I grew up with an Autobody man as a father. I was actually conceived in a ’57 Ford something (kinda looks like a hearse – it’s my dad’s first muscle car, though) and actually have a ’67 Fastback Mustang that will be mine, one day. So, I defnitely do not think the muscle-car is dying, anytime soon!

    However, I must say they sure do break down more than my dad and brother would like to admit (bro has a ’85 El Camino that just had a transmission blown).

    Maybe it’s because I grew up around cars, but I sure would hate for the appreciation of older cars to die!

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    1. dromangtr says:

      You got lucky you were raised and educated on muscle cars! But as the market gets expensive, the interest on young people will decline. But good that theres still young people willing to drive muscle cars and dont mind some work😁👍

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